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ENVY INK STUDIOS is an art and beauty atelier located in Cambridge, Ontario, established in 2010 by artists Luna Vie and Aura Nox.

Primarily and most notably we are regarded as a tattoo parlour, though beyond this we offer a variety of fine arts and beauty related services and are furthermore affiliated with beauty boutiques which offer additional services right at our studio location.

We proudly support all types of local artists, from musicians to artisan jewelers, and with our love for aesthetics and deep respect for expression, we are committed to aiding the art community in growth and recognition, and dedicated to providing our clients with memorable, positive and inspirational experiences whether it’s your first visit or fiftieth visit.

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Cosmetic Tattoos

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Have you ever decided on a whim to go swimming only to have all your eyeliner and eyebrows smear off? Or has the weather suddenly changed only to wash away your carefully applied eyebrows and leave you with raccoon eyes? Maybe you're prone to having teary eyes that result in eyeliner frequently being wiped away, or perhaps your lifestyle is gym/fitness based and you're constantly sweating off your make-up. These are only a fraction of the everyday realities that work against your beautiful make-up, but don't let these situations stop you from feeling your best! Luckily for you there is a remedy called cosmetic micropigmentation, and with it you'll never have to worry about your make-up accidentally washing off again.  

Aside from convenience, permanent make-up is also for people who have hair loss of eyebrows or desire a shape in which your natural brows just don't grow. It's for those who don't have a steady hand for applying eyeliner and can't get that nice smooth line. It's for you who struggle with drawing your eyebrows symmetrically. Or perhaps you just want to change the shape or colour of your natural lips to something more subtle or to your favourite lipstick shade. We offer micropigmentation to remedy all these situations. We operate with the highest level equipment and the highest quality pigments for all micropigmentation procedures and the results will always be a very natural finish. We do restoration work for faded cosmetic tattoos as well; this includes neutralizing blue and red pigment fading, camouflaging old unwanted ink, and preventing pigment migration due to unsatisfactory technique or low quality pigments. 

For those lacking eyebrow hair we offer three types of procedures:

  • Precision Hair Stroke
  • Natural Hair Stroke
  • Colour Wash 

Note: Precision Hair Stroke and Natural Hair Stroke brow procedures are not always a possibility and depend on your existing eyebrows, skin colour and choice of pigment colour. 

Consultations are not always necessary for booking an appointment, and we welcome walk-ins for some cosmetic tattoo procedures. 

Consultation prior to appointment are usually unnecessary for:

  • Colour Wash Eyebrows/any Eyeliner Procedure

Note: Lip tattoos (whether it is only lip liner or a full lip fill) will always require a consultation.





Having permanent make-up done is virtually risk-free when it's done by a fully certified technician. There are a lot of technicians out there who offer cosmetic tattoos at an abnormally low price, and it's important for you who are interested in having permanent make-up to understand the differences between somebody who is operating without proper training and those who have been taught professionally. 

There are in fact many risks to having permanent make-up tattooed onto you, and these risks revolve mainly around the type of pigments used and the techniques. There are a few areas in your face where your dermis is unstable. Tattooing these highly potentially problematic areas risks future pigment migration beyond repair. A permanent make-up procedure may appear to be done with quality results, however if you are a victim of an unprofessional procedure then what you must understand is that these issues will not arise until years down the line. A quick google search can enlighten you as to what is most likely in store for you should you decide to chance a cheaper alternative (uncertified technicians). 

Micro-pigments are different than traditional tattoo pigments and tattoo pigments should never be used for a cosmetic procedure. The consistency of these inks will determine the ultimate type of pigment migration, coupled with technique. 

For these reasons it is important that you have your permanent make-up done by a certified professional. 


Is it painful? 

There is some pain involved in the procedures but the pain is minimal and will always vary depending on the procedure and your personal pain tolerance. All procedures are done while your skin is numbed by a high grade fast acting numbing agent, but in order for the numbing agent to take effect your skin must be gently pierced to allow the agent to be absorbed. This is the only pain involved during the procedures. Post-procedure your skin may feel slightly agitated for a few days. 


How long will it take to heal?

Your new cosmetic tattoo will take 7-10 days to heal superficially, but will generally take 3-6 weeks for the colour to fade into its final shade. An initial touch-up may be done 3 weeks after your first procedure. 

When your cosmetic tattoo is freshly completed, the colour will appear 50-70% darker than what it will ultimately become for the majority of its lifespan. 


Will my face be swollen/red for the whole healing duration?

Post-procedure you will experience swelling and redness for up to a few days. In  many cases though swelling will subside within a few hours. If possible it is best to plan your cosmetic tattoo procedure appointment for right before an at-home relaxing weekend, and stay away from social events and strenuous activity until the swelling dissipates. Swelling will be minimal though, but depends on how sensitive your skin is. You will be able to drive post-procedure with no issues. 


How long do i have to wait before wearing makeup? 

You can wear make-up 2 days post-procedure. 


How long will the procedure take?

Generally it takes about 1-2 hours per procedure but can vary depending on your skin.


How long will it last?

Permanent make-up --contrary to it's name-- is actually only semi-permanent. It will last up to 7 years depending entirely on your skin and lifestyle. Generally it is advised to have an annual touch-up done to keep your permanent make-up looking fresh, always. 


Can I tattoo eyeliner if I wear contacts? 

Yes, however you should avoid wearing contacts for a few days post procedure.