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210 Samuelson Street
Cambridge, Ontario


ENVY INK STUDIOS is an art and beauty atelier located in Cambridge, Ontario, established in 2010 by artists Luna Vie and Aura Nox.

Primarily and most notably we are regarded as a tattoo parlour, though beyond this we offer a variety of fine arts and beauty related services and are furthermore affiliated with beauty boutiques which offer additional services right at our studio location.

We proudly support all types of local artists, from musicians to artisan jewelers, and with our love for aesthetics and deep respect for expression, we are committed to aiding the art community in growth and recognition, and dedicated to providing our clients with memorable, positive and inspirational experiences whether it’s your first visit or fiftieth visit.

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Introduction to Pencil Drawing



The artists at Envy Ink Studios are self taught artists and art classes revolve around the specific techniques our artists have acquired over many years of refining their artistic abilities. Introduction to pencil drawing does not include coloured pencils in any theory, techniques or supplies. Introduction to Coloured Pencil Drawings is in itself an course. 


Types of Classes:

There are 3 types of classes to choose from:

  • Specific Lessons
  • Ongoing Lessons
  • Bundle Package

Specific Lessons

For those who just want quick tips or to delve deeper into a certain aspect of drawing, specific lessons give the option to choose single or multiple lessons in the listed categories below. Stack lessons up to 2 hours per day.

Price: $20 per 30 minutes

Note: students can either bring their own art supplies or use Envy Ink Studios art supplies.

Consists of 30-90 minute lessons on specific areas:


  • Preparation & Preservation (Part1/2 – Duration: 15 minutes)

    • How to prevent unwanted smudging and inerasable mistakes
  • Tools (Duration: 30 minutes)

    • How to utilize all tools properly
  • Planning & Perspective (Duration: Optional 30-90 minutes)

    • How to organize your creative process
    • How to utilize several grid systems and choose the most effective one for your drawing (if drawing is a rendition or for enlarging drawings)
    • Light sources
    • Proportions
  • Sketches & Contour Drawings (Part 1/2 – Duration: Optional 30-60 minutes)

    • How to create a rough draft of your concept
  • Sketches & Contour Drawings (Part 2/2 – Duration: Optional 30-60 minutes)

    • How to clean up your rough draft
  • Blending/Shading (Duration: Optional 30-90 minutes)

    • How to fill in your contour drawing
  • Preparation and Preservation (Part 2/2 – Duration: 15 minutes)

    • How to lock and seal your finished drawing safely, preventing future smudging


Ongoing Lessons:

For those who want continuous mentoring in a specific aspect or multiple aspects of drawing, this option is for you. 

Price: $30 per hour

Note: students can either bring their own art supplies or use Envy Ink Studios art supplies.

  • Includes your choice of specific areas, continuously/until student is confident in each area
  • Each lesson up to 2 hour


Bundle Package:

For those who wish to learn extensive technique and invaluable insight in all aspects involved in creating a work of art, this private course is for you.

Duration: 10 hours of in class mentoring. Student will be required to work on given challenges on their own time, to be evaluated and critiqued. Creating a work of art can take a lot of time, so 10 hours of in class tutoring may be extended to any time frame that the student is comfortable with. Therefore this course may be completed in 1 week for some, and 5 months for others.   

Price: $300

  • Each area is thoroughly explored revolving around student’s capabilities and progress speed.
  • Student is supplied with art supplies:
    • drawing pencils
    • drawing paper
    • ruler
    • smudge tool
    • erasers
  • Student is awarded certificate of completion and choice of artwork is hung up in Envy Ink Studios’ gallery.


To Register For an Art Class:

To register for an art class please fill out the form below and Envy Ink Studios will reply to you within 24 hours to confirm class dates. 

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