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210 Samuelson Street
Cambridge, Ontario


ENVY INK STUDIOS is an art and beauty atelier located in Cambridge, Ontario, established in 2010 by artists Luna Vie and Aura Nox.

Primarily and most notably we are regarded as a tattoo parlour, though beyond this we offer a variety of fine arts and beauty related services and are furthermore affiliated with beauty boutiques which offer additional services right at our studio location.

We proudly support all types of local artists, from musicians to artisan jewelers, and with our love for aesthetics and deep respect for expression, we are committed to aiding the art community in growth and recognition, and dedicated to providing our clients with memorable, positive and inspirational experiences whether it’s your first visit or fiftieth visit.

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Our Artists

Luna Vie: Traditional/cosmetic Tattoo Artist

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The arts have been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember. I play piano – am certified through the Royal Conservatory of Music, draw, write, sew, craft, and have been tattooing professionally since 2010. I am certified through the Toronto Tattoo Clinic for permanent makeup application and advanced paramedical tattooing, and I am predominantly self-taught in fine arts and traditional tattooing. I do, however, consider myself very fortunate and am grateful to have been guided and supported by many incredible artists who have enlightened me with invaluable knowledge over the years.


My philosophy in my profession is that when I'm finished it's everything you imagined, whether it be a drawing or tattoo. Everybody has the ability and passion to express who they are, and tattoos are a great way of expression not only in modifying your appearance visually, but also in that they are a manifestation of something personal or beautiful. 


To me tattoos are primarily an expression of art, vision, beauty, love, growth, memory, goals, etc; not a test of pain and courage, and for this reason I will always do what I can to ensure everybody I’m working with is as comfortable as possible. By communication and assurance of credentials and safety I hope to achieve a mutual understanding and goal, thus paving a positive pathway which will ultimately lead to a positive experience – too often do I hear of people’s negative experiences with tattoos, and so I strive to change that dismissive outlook one person at a time. I genuinely enjoy helping people express their individuality and beauty, and luckily I am able to do this through tattooing and other forms of art.

Below are some of my personal links if you'd like more information about me and what I do.

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Growing up in an expressive household, I learned to channel my eccentric nature through music and drawing. Having a deep interest for all things fantasy and science fiction, as well as spending most of my time reading and playing video games, had given me a strong background for artistic creation. As a child that was bullied for being "weird", my many fantasy world were a comforting and safe place to escape to. Today, my skills have developed enough for me to be able to bring to life the unique and sometimes odd pictures in my mind.



Thank you for your interest in my work, and I truly hope you find as much enjoyment and inspiration viewing my art as I had creating it. It is my hope that through my images perhaps, you too, can escape to another world.

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