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210 Samuelson Street
Cambridge, Ontario


ENVY INK STUDIOS is an art and beauty atelier located in Cambridge Ontario, founded by Luna Vie and Aura Nox, EST. 2010. Best known for Tattoo services, offering a wide range including; Traditional Tattoos: cover ups, reworking existing tattoos, restoration and customized work; Cosmetic Tattoos/Micropigmentation, also known as Permanent Make-up; Paramedical Tattoos: pigmentation/scar camouflaging.



All deposits given for services are non-refundable regardless of deposit amount, the only refundable deposit exception is for consultation deposits (view consultation section below for details). When Envy Ink Studios takes a deposit it is assumed that the client is committed to following through with the service(s) of their interest. Deposits do not expire, and in the event that an appointment must be postponed for a future date the deposit for the service will remain valid so long as adequate notice was given (see NOTICE section below). Any exceptions that may apply due to circumstance are up to the discretion of Envy Ink Studios management.

Envy Ink Studios does not give refunds or partial refunds in any circumstance, but in some cases, store credit may be issued. Store credit can be gifted or used on any service we offer, but gift receipt number is needed in order to complete the transfer. NOTE: Spoiled Rotten By Karen is separate from Envy Ink Studios and store credit cannot be used towards any Spoiled Rotten By Karen services. 


To cancel/reschedule an appointment, a minimum of 24 hours notice is required, otherwise Envy Ink Studios reserves the right to revoke up to $40 of the deposit paid for the appointment and a new deposit must be given in order to re-book. If a deposit of more than $40 was given, the remainder will continue to go towards the tattoo and a new deposit may not be required. 

Envy Ink Studios requires all clients who are going to be late to give at least 15 minutes notice. 

Notice may be given via text message, phone call, leaving a voicemail, or emailing either or directly emailing the artist who is working with you. Please note we do not accept social media messaging notices as valid notice. 

Customized Art

Deposits are non-refundable even if the customer is unsatisfied with completed piece of art. 


Traditional tattoo deposits are $40 minimum, and do not have a maximum, however, deposits over $40 are at the discretion of the client as they are non-refundable. Envy Ink Studios offers 1 included touch-up session for any cosmetic tattoo procedure. Traditional tattoos do not include touch-ups (unless specified otherwise) but are charged at a reduced rate of $40/hr, with a minimum of $40. Envy Ink Studios holds the right to charge full price for a touch-up if the faded condition of the healed tattoo is deemed to be caused by the negligence of aftercare by the client. 

Cosmetic tattoo deposits range from 10%-20% of the final price of procedures. Deposits are non-refundable even if the customer is unsatisfied with a customized tattoo design and in addition, circumstantially, design fees may be added onto tattoo price as an additional fee. When a tattoo artist from Envy Ink Studios is responsible for your tattoo design, the tattoo deposit given includes up to 2 hours of design time as well as secures a tattoo appointment. If the tattoo design is completed within 2 hours then no additional fees are necessary and the full deposit is put towards the cost of the tattoo. If design time exceeds 2 hours then an additional fee of $10/hr for the additional design time is added to the final cost. This fee is labeled "design fee" and the deposit amount will not be deducted from the final cost. An additional deposit of $40 (totaling $80 in deposits; $40 to secure the tattoo date and $40 to begin the design process with one of our traditional media artists) may apply if a traditional media artist from Envy Ink Studios is designing a tattoo. Envy Ink Studios allows all customers to choose who they would like to design their tattoo based on details explained during the consultation. 

If a tattoo is scheduled or estimated to require multiple sessions to complete, the tattoo deposit will be deducted from the final tattoo session. Non-secured tattoo appointments are subject to Envy Ink Studios cancelling/rescheduling due to priority of paying customers. Secured appointments are appointments in which a customer has paid a deposit, non-secured appointments are appointments in which no deposit has been paid. Clients with non-secured appointments may be notified by Envy Ink Studios with as little as 2 hours notice for cancellation, as priority will always be given to clients who are able to secure an appointment regardless of notice. 

Envy Ink Studios reserves the right to include an additional "convenience fee" of $10/hr for after hours appointments. If a client is late for an appointment, Envy Ink Studios reserves the right to charge the client an additional fee of $10 per every 15 mins if adequate notice is not given. This fee is labeled "late fee". 


Envy Ink Studios does not charge for consultations, however, exceptions may apply in which booking a consultation may require a refundable deposit of $40. Consultations are considered appointments and follow a similar policy as appointments booked for tattoos. If adequate notice of cancellation/rescheduling is not given by the customer, in order to reschedule a second consultation appointment Envy Ink Studios will requires a $40 refundable deposit. Deposits given for rescheduling after an initial broken appointment consultation are subject to be paid as a "broken appointment fee" if customer fails to show up for rescheduled appointment without rescheduling or cancelling within a period of 24 hours prior to the appointment. In which case a second $40 deposit will be required to secure another appointment. If adequate notice (24 hours minimum prior to appointment - unless specified otherwise) is given to cancel a consultation then full deposit will be refunded to the customer.