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210 Samuelson Street
Cambridge, Ontario


ENVY INK STUDIOS is an art and beauty atelier located in Cambridge, Ontario, established in 2010 by artists Luna Vie and Aura Nox.

Primarily and most notably we are regarded as a tattoo parlour, though beyond this we offer a variety of fine arts and beauty related services and are furthermore affiliated with beauty boutiques which offer additional services right at our studio location.

We proudly support all types of local artists, from musicians to artisan jewelers, and with our love for aesthetics and deep respect for expression, we are committed to aiding the art community in growth and recognition, and dedicated to providing our clients with memorable, positive and inspirational experiences whether it’s your first visit or fiftieth visit.

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Name: Chris Tamminga

Service Done: 10 Tattoos

Comments: I’ve always had great experiences at Envy Ink. Luna is always friendly and professional. She also always takes the time to understand what you are looking for and is able to create an awesome representation of your ideas in a creative way. Definitely recommend Envy Ink Studios!
— Chris Tamminga

Name: Krystal

Service Done: 12th Tattoo

Comments: Luna always knows what I want in a tattoo. Her talented skills always amaze me each time. I will go to no other artist but her!
— Krystal

Name: Rebecca Janes

Service Done: Tattoo

Comments: Awesome place. Took something simple and made it beautiful. So pleased.
— Rebecca Janes

Name: Jim Mitchell

Service Done: 3 tattoos - 4th in progress!

Comments: Three tattoos by Luna and just started on a Diablo themed half sleeve. Looking forward to the end result!

I love my other work by Luna and comments I receive are all positive and always about the detail! The line work is amazing with steady, consistent lines that she can also thin right out and keep looking mint to achieve all that detail that catches peoples eyes.

Thanks Luna, Looking forward to our next session!
— Jim Mitchell

Name: Crystal Teixeira

Service Done: Tattoo

Comments: My sister n I have been wanting to get a tattoo for a while now. So we finally see one we both really enjoyed and next step was to find a tattoo artist we both would feel comfortable with. So when Envy Ink Studio opened up right beside my sisters place she told me about it n that was when in start some research on the artist and also her background. I was very please when what i read n so i emailed Luna. She was great answering whatever questions i had. So i went ahead n booked with her. Once we got into the studio i was very happy with how clean it was and organized. We loved the whole experience. She did an amazing job on answering my 100questions and also the tattoo its self. I am most def recommending her to my friends and also will be returning for more.
— Crystal Teixeira

Name: Geoffrey Cole

Service Done: Tattoo

Comments: I have had a number of Tattoos done by Luna. I have nothing but great things to say. She is friendly, accommodating, helpful and extremely talented. Each Tattoo she has done on me have exceeded my expectations and i constantly get compliments on them. I will be a returning customer from life.
— Geoffrey Cole

Name: Lukas Z

Service Done: Code of Arms on Large Canvas

Comments: Just picked up my Art work from Envy Ink Studios done by (Aura Nox) and I could not be more pleased with the outcome.
I’m extremely satisfied with the service and the attention to detail on my artwork is phenomenal.
At this point I just can’t wait for my next project to be done by (Aura Nox) .
Thank you so very much , you have a customer for life !!!!
— Lukas Z

Name: Karinn Martel

Service Done: 2 Tattoos representing my book series

Comments: I came in with a design concept for two tattoos and both Luna and (Aura) helped me make the designs a reality. They were professional and always made sure I was comfortable and felt good about the work that was being done. Both tats were done in one night with pizza in between. I will continue to go to them no matter where they make their home but I am beyond thrilled that they have a studio that is absolutely gorgeous. I highly recommend Envy Ink.
— Karinn Martel

Name: Christopher Sears

Service Done: leg tattoo

Comments: Luna did an excellent job on my leg compass as well as help me with the design process I enjoy that I don’t have to have the image done and she can help get that idea on to paper then on to skin can’t wait for part two of my leg and other future tattoos
— Christopher Sears

Name: John Costa

Service Done: knotwork tattoo

Comments: Luna did my “father-daughter” knot on my shoulder. This is a very important tattoo to me because of the meaning behind it. She took the time to find the perfect script for what I wanted and positioned everything perfectly. Her attention to detail and the healing process make her a true professional.
— John Costa

Name: Kathie Kirby

Service Done: marilyn monroe portraits

Comments: I received three Marilyn Monroe portraits from miss Luna Vie and I was absolutely thrilled with the realism of her work. The lifelike painting makes a wonderful addition to my bedroom wall, and always brings a smile to my face. The pencil sketches are exquisite works of art, and make my art collection shine. I will return to her for any future art requests! By far my Favourite artist.
— Kathie Kirby

Name: Kayla Noel

Service Done: Tattoo

Comments: Luna did a tattoo for me on the inside of my upper arm, it is very special to me because it represents my nonno who was hit by a car and killed. Luna and I have known each other for a very long time, and during the tattoo process she was completely professional and respectful, and you could tell that that tattoo meant just as much to her as it did to me. Thanks again Luna for taking the time to create something so special and precious for me to look at every day for the rest of my life.
— Kayla Noel

Name: Alison

Service Done: Body Tattoo

Comments: I am the proud owner of the Chinese dragon tattoo you can see in the gallery. As a fellow artist, I am very picky about tattoos. I find myself comparing lines, shading, texture - trying to make sure it’s all symmetrical and “picture perfect”. I must say, I don’t have a single doubt about my dragon. The shading is beautiful, the linework is masterful... I get compliments on it every single day, and I flaunt. I can’t thank Luna enough. Now if I could only muster up the courage for another session to finish up the colouring! Thanks Luna, you’re very talented, and you can only go up from here on out!
— Alison

Name: Krystal Gomes

Service Done: Tattoo(s)

Comments: Luna has done 9 tattoos and 2 cover ups on me. What I love about Luna, is that she took the time to understand what I was really looking for in my tattoo. The amazing detailing, flawless lines and smooth shading really shows what a true artist she really is. Luna as a person and a artist has made a huge mark on my life. :)
— Krystal Gomes

Name: Sara Arruda

Service Done: Cover Up Tattoo

Comments: Luna did my cover up for me almost a year ago. My original piece had heavy black through it and I wanted the cover up to completely hide it while showing off some new beautiful and vibrant flowers. She was able to integrate the original tattoo in with the new one and it looks amazing!
— Sara Arruda

Name: Vivi Pham

Service Done: July 2012

Comments: My experience at Envy Ink Studios has been nothing but wonderful and I always leave happy & satisfied with every visit! Luna listens carefully to what kind of a tattoo I want, and how I’d like it to be done. She uses her expertise to advise me onto how my tattoo can look its best in any possible way, and takes into consideration my feelings towards the tattoos ofcourse. My first experience with my tattoo was horrible, where the guy didn’t care about my design & refused to do my tattoo because he didn’t want it representing “his work.” Luna is able to distinguish qualities of professionalism and business, which is why she is my tattoo girl from now on! I highly reccommend her if you want beautifully done tattoos with as little pain as possible and a smile on your face as you leave :)
— Vivi Pham